Global Team Coaching Institute

We're proud to partner with the world’s leading interactive learning platform for business & executive coaches.

WBECS offers digital learning experiences that help you grow and shape your skills as a coach more deeply.


Watch a free, groundbreaking 90-minute session from Team Coaching experts Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck.



Know your strengths

We love the Lumina Sparks reports - they provide a refreshing and accessible way to engage with self and others during our facilitated fast-paced team activities or one-to-one coaching sessions. You'll recognise the approach if you're familiar with MBTI, DISC or Insights. 

Based on years of psychological research they measure different aspects of behaviour to give indicators about strengths of individuals, leaders and teams. We've found Lumina works well in corporate environments to strengthen understanding, decision making and change activities. 



Team coaching is key

We're proud to work with the Academy of Executive Coaches as part of their Team Coaching Faculty.


We're as convinced as the AOEC that it's teams that truly hold the performance opportunity for organisations - whatever the level and challenge. Coaching through the real work, treating it as a contact sport, addressing performance in the day-to-day reality and not through annual offsite events. 



Be your best self

We’re proud to work with thriving, who’ve helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to boost their resilience and wellbeing. Mark and his team have created a unique thriving coaching model to support individuals to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled. Whilst their bespoke digital model supports organisations to create healthier cultures where wellbeing becomes contagious!


We love their digital platform's user friendly design which coaches people to positively change how they think, feel and behave. Partnering with them helps us and our clients to be well and thrive!