I'm a qualified HR professional and a chartered member of the IPD, with a passion for facilitation, consulting, coaching and mentoring. Now my children are reasonably self-sufficient I practise yoga, play netball and enjoy taking my dog for walks along the beach.



I'm an award-winning speaker and subject-matter expert on ‘millennials' and how to create inter-generational harmony in the workplace. My clients say I'm intensely human, practical, empathic and hard-hitting in my support and development of ambitious, smart, corporate professionals and leaders headed for the top. 


I travel and write a LOT - both for fun and business (generally  the same thing for me).



I specialise in sales capability, body language and customer service excellence. I'm a fluent speaker of "customer language" and have the ability to see all things through their eyes. 


Travel is a huge part of my life and I'm lucky to travel worldwide for work. I'm the one always out exploring when in new locations. In the UK I can be found walking, riding horses, shooting clays or practising yoga.



I'm a multi-faceted Wise Older Woman, WOW, with 4 decades of working with leadership personally and supporting leadership talent and growth. As an experienced coach, mentor and organisational consultant, I am passionate about growth, innovation and bringing balance and wellbeing to individuals and systems.


A natural collaborator I bring that extra creative eye and strategic perspective to shadow consulting and coaching work.

In my ’spare’ time I enjoy being a mother of 6 adults, a grandmother, being in nature, exploring my own creative practice and learning.



With a background in professional and financial services, Jo has over 15 years experience working with corporate organisations to design and implement talent development solutions. With an emphasis on aligning people development with strategic and commercial imperatives, she has delivered executive development, leadership & management programmes, succession planning and career development frameworks.


Central to Jo’s coaching is the power of relationships, resilience and authenticity. Taking a whole person approach, Jo focuses on helping individuals increase their professional impact by building on their strengths and the opportunities available to them. Jo has a pragmatic and outcome focused approach and specialises in leadership, confidence, career and resilience.


Operations Consultant

I support Gooding & Wood in a variety of ways with the accounting and finance.

When I'm not in ‘work’ mode I'm found outside chasing my three young adventurers, playing football and enjoying nature.


Marketing Consultant

I'm an extra pair of expert marketing hands to help keep the Gooding & Wood brand true to its roots.

With over 15 years experience and 2 little girls I fit work around 'Mum' life. In my 'spare' time I enjoy tasting gin and running (not at the same time!) 


The fuel

We're crucial to keeping the G&W team going and find that we're regularly called on as a reward or a pick-me-up.